Jan 22, 2011

Meditation on Michael Mann's Methods

(Circa The 1960’s)
Sequence 1 (0:51-1:02)

(Late one night, Police Car Siren sounds sporadically. The Vehicle approaches a pedestrian )
White Police officer to Black Youth(AKA Cassius Clay): What chu running from son?
Cassius Clay ( Jogs on Pensively, not saying a word) : Inequity!…. Persecution!….Murderous Prejudice!….Racist Criminal Justice system.

Sequence 2 (2:50-3:12)

Artisan African-American father renders finishing strokes to a portrait of Jesus Christ and an apostle
Young Son , in the backdrop, watches father paint, while ruminating over his future.
(Jazz music full of expectant guitar riffs and drum cymbals used to score the scene.)

Sequence 3 (3:58-5:13)

Malcom X thunders about segregation at a Church .Inflections in his speech impregnates the congregation’s mind with emotion.
Leaning against the rear walls, Ali listens with intent. Discontent and Indignation writ large on his face .

Michael Mann
Sequence 4 (5:44-6:41)

In the plainest, nevertheless the most arousing of language, Drew Bundini pitches Ali his motivational skills and reminisces about his orphaned childhood and jewish origins.
Drew Bundini: Born on a doorstep , with a note across my chest, that read “You do the best you can for him World!”

Poignant Screenplay; One of , if not the, greatest movie openings of all time.

**Disclaimer: This post does not purport to address History and its injustices**

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