Jan 17, 2011

Burn After Reading (2008): Movie Review *spoilers*

The Transfer of CIA analyst (John Malkovich) to a lower clearance level on seemingly dubious grounds sets in motion a sequence of events which find their denouement in either the Nervous breakdown,expatriation OR Murder of every central character except for that of the figurative agent(Frances McDormand) responsible for this bedlam and carnage.All … for half a done cosmetic surgeries. Chekhov anyone! (To compare is To Insult so I wont develop this analogy)

I however will take the liberty of deciphering and summarizing The Films Overarching precis :

>> Not only are we-from Federal Marshals to Fitness instructors without exception - inscrupulously self serving but are also criminally vacuous; and the amalgamation of these attributes in Individuals is invariably fatal for those who surround them.<< Furthermore, That summary almost defines the Black Comedy Genre .

Movie’s role-players treacherously straddlle the border between selfishness and sociopathy with homicidal consequences.This holds especially true for the Linda Litzke , character played by Frances McDormand whose vanities infuriated me insofar of drafting this review to pay tribute to the genius of the screenwriters. The feature breaks cinematic conventions like cutlery which shouldn’t surprise anyone; Its the Coen brothers. So, The Secret Service is administrated by a clique of clueless geriatrics as opposed to an army of callous & calculative Robots. George Clooney and Brad Pitt render Stellar performances and the characters they potray are Quirky Yes! But are neither suave ,well groomed or valiant which is a refreshing aberrance from the parts they have played previously. Humour is so subtle ,Its almost subliminal. The climax was as satisfying as a nutrtitous meal at Bread Garden. A Gratification I have seldom experienced since watching the Final chapter of the matrix trilogy.The narrative twists can not be predicted with any accuracy even by the most seasoned of motion-picture fans Finally , As I observe the painstakingly manicured lawns of my neighborhood and contrast it with the front yards of the Mansions of the movies characters, I cant but note the marked similarities ,and concede generous points to the movie’s cinematographers who knavishly capture the serene vibes of DC. JK simmons summarizes the movie with poignant profanity “Jesus what a clusterfuck” All in All …Great Watch …BIG THUMBS UP !...See it


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