Nov 28, 2010

A declaration of discontinuity

Having not written for a long long time, i find myself a stranger to my own words and to all the imagery that they evoke in my head as i re-read them. I realized... and intend to convey that very realization... of in some sense having moved on from the perspective that informed and oversaw all that i have written hitherto.It is peculiar, in a comforting sort of way, to know that one can graduate to a standpoint from where your own earlier standpoint(s) may be appraised and vivisected in all formerly unimaginable ways. 

As to what precipitated this change is unclear, or at least not clear enough to be precisely pointed out here - I've carried on growing as a person as all of us do, i've been reading a lot more of late, a lot more kinds of reading too. Have met and interacted intensely with some very smart and knowledged fellows, clarified certain things that stood in need of clarification, muddle up a few things i had foreclosed as clear, and really, an unneccessary-to-mention assortment of other phenoms have perhaps cumulatively changed the qualia of my weltanschauung.

So, here it is, I am back, and will hopefully be able to reflect on all the thing around me, with a renewed and enriched perspective. What it may not have though, is continuity with my earlier posts, I may very well contradict some of what i have already exposited, I may go against what you may have presumed my natural stance on an issue to be - but what has not changed is my the belief in the desirability of philosophy, philosophy in everyday life, a habit-of-thought of applying our rational consciousness to our existence and increase the sum total of what we know, what we think and what we imagine - and perhaps what we are and can be.

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