Feb 24, 2010

I really should've been a Virus

A virus is just a strand of RNA molecule inside a cell membrane. The concept of life and death does not even apply to it in a clear cut fashion. What a life (or the lack of it)!! I sincerely wish i was a virus, perhaps a benevolent one, not the kinds which spread diseases, but the kinds which is content just  to be.. just plainly, simply exist. I mean how many complications can you imagine in the life of a 'thing' which is'nt even a full cell. All you would have to do ....is nothing at all. No consciousness to worry you, no reproductive motive driving you, no need or utility for material things, no social traditions to follow. Damn, no birth and death to punctuate time for you.

Well i am certain there is'nt a way to disprove the hypothesis that viruses are better off than us(while there may not be to prove it either). In fact they may quite be the best exemplars of transcendent beings beyond whole happiness-sadness spiral. It all leads me to think that viruses are perhaps the only 'things' which may come into being having pre-attained the hindu ideal of salvation/moksha in some form or shape, even before religiously qualifying for it by being born. Damn!!


Rahul/Bunty said...

How would nothingness be interpreted as moksha?
however not completely disagreeing!

Siddharth Kaushal said...

you my mate ..deserve clarification from my side :)

1. it was written in lighter vein
2. i wrote salvation/moksha "in some form or shape"
3. i do agree to an extent that the common conception of moksha is that of "salvation", which by defition means transcending "something" to finally move into a state beyong and perhaps above that particular "something" .. so yes, some thing is a more understandable starting point than "nothing". But then, you could say that it is the most ideal, purest form of moksha in the sense that "nothingness" is almost like a eternal moksha!!

hope was able to make some sense ..
keep posting your comments.. they are always welcome

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